6000-12000Gs Strong Permanent Magnetic bar/rod/tube

Magnetic Filter bar, with very storng attraction, used for remove metal particles from loosely packed, free flowing materials. They are usually constructed of SUS304 or SUS316 stainless steel tubes for special domains filled with Ceramic or Rare Earth Magnet. Either round or square shape bars are availabe for customers' special application. Our standard bars is 25mm( 1 inch) in diameter and any lenth as per customers' request up to 2500mm. Besides, we also take special orders, such as square shape magnetic bars. The highest strong magnetic bar we can manufacture, is 14000 gauss;  Normally we supply 6000-12000 gauss magnetic filter bar.  

  1 Magnetic Fileter Bar element: 1)Size (Diameter* Length) 2)Gauss requirement (attraction requirement) 3)Quantity  4) Working tempreture 5)Shipping method 2  Manufacture Time: Magnetic filed Strength:  6000-12000 Gauss:    Manufacture time:  7-10 days Magnetic filed Strength:  12500-14000 Gauss:    Manufacture time:  35 days 3  Manufacture Ability: Custome service. Length, upto 2500mm, Strength:  upto 14000 Gauss (magnetic field strength) Working Tempreture:  Upto  350 degree Celsius
Maximum Working Temperature: our ordinary temperature is 80degree Celsius.
If customers required, we can offer magnetic bars up to 350 degree Celsius to meet special appliance.
Magnet strength: As per customers' requirements. The highest magnets strength can achieve 14,000GS(1.4T). Following is the relationship between diameter, magnetic strength and Maximum Operation Temperture for reference:
  0.25T 0.5T 0.7T 0.9T 1T 1.2T 1.4T
Φ19(0.75") EH EH EH H M ----- -----
Φ22(0.85") EH EH EH H M N -----
Φ25(1.00") EH EH EH SH H M N
Φ32(1.25") EH EH EH SH H M N
Φ38(1.50") EH EH EH UH SH H M
Φ50(1.75") EH EH EH UH SH H M
Φ76(3.00") EH EH EH UH UH SH H
Φ100(4.00") EH EH EH UH UH SH  

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