Custom Strong Circle Round Disc Block Neodymium Magnet

Disc and Cylinder magnets are defined by two dimensions: diameter and thickness.  To be consistent, we define the Thickness dimension along the axis of magnetization.  The thickness is usually the smallest dimension, but not always! We're sometimes asked if we can provide disc or cylinder magnets magnetized through diameter.  Yes, we can do it,we defined it diametrically magnetized.

Axially Magnetized


Diametrically Magnetized

  Neodymium Magnet Parameter:   Disc magnets with different coatings         Packaging: Magnetism-shield(with foams and metal pieces) for express delivery or air delivery Regular package,small inside box and cardboard carton box for sea shipping.   1 Disc Neodymium Magnet   information  1) Size ( Diameter *Thickness),  in mm or Inch  2) Surface Coating (Normal is Zn, NiCuNi) 3)  Grade, ( Normal is N35,  or higher grade requirement)       (Higher grade, Strength stronger, also  Price  higher) 4)  Magnetised direction  (Normal is axially magnetised) 5) Woring tempreture,  (Normal temperature or special temperature)    6) Quantity  (Tell us the  quantity for us to estimate is weight, then can select suitable express) company) 7)  Expect arrive time (warehouse to door or  door to door service, or  special Fast Delivery Service) 2  Manufacture Ability  1)  Diameter,  from 1mm to 80mm,  usually 3mm to 50mm  2) Thickness,  from 0.5mm to 60mm,  usually 1mm to 5mm  3) Tolerance,  ±0.1mm,  ±0.05mm for selection.  4) To some high working tempreture ,or higher grade , or radially magnetised magnet, We also can manufacture in high cost-performance radio,  small quantity also welcome. 3 Manufacture Time       To usually N35 grade magnet (axially magnetised),
1) block magnet, we usually finished in 12-15 days after received deposit;
2) disc magnet,we usually finished in 10-12 days after received deposit;
3) ring magnet, we usually finished in 12-15 days after received deposit to Grade about N35, such as N38,N40,N42,N45,N48,N50,N52 magnet(axially magnetised),
to 35H,38H,40H,42H Magnet (axially magnetised),
to N35SH,38SH,40SH(axially magnetised),
to 35EH magnet (axially magnetised),
we usually finished in 15-18 days after received deposit to N35SH radially magnetised disc/cylinder magnet size below 8mm,we usually finished in 12-15 days after received deposit;   to N38H radially magnetised disc/cylinder magnet
size below 4.5mm,we usually finished in 12-15 days after received deposit;   to other size radially magnetised disc/cylinder magnet
usually finished in 18-20 days after received deposit   2) Also,  we supply Fast delivery Service for selection.  About Express:  1) warehouse to door service, usually need 7-9 days to your address it also need 2 days for us to send magnets to warehouse so, totally it need 9-11 days for u to receive magnets after we sended out. Fedex, DHL,UPS,TNT,ARMAX, price cheaper than door to door service, We applied for 20% discount 2) door to door service, usually need 4-7 days to your address, use DHL service, its suitable for  package above 20kg if value of goods above 1000 dollars, need customs clearance, it need addtional 1-2 days we applied for very good discount.  Also,  you can use your own DHL account.  

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